Friday, September 28, 2012


i'm now officially at work on the album art for the new record from the mighty Egypt.  (more on Egypt HERE).  i'm really excited about this project, i'm hoping to have good stuff to show by the early part of next week


it might not look like much, but these are the rough layouts for the first chapter of a major project i'm writing and drawing, The Ballad of Louis Sweet... the story of an ice fisherman in 1954 lost for 7 days on an ice floe on Lake Michigan.

drawn 2 to a page at 3"x4", i have 90% of everything in my head down on paper at this stage. all of the design elements are figured out, and now it's just a matter of rendering it. there are very few questions i need to ask myself after these sketches are finalized. these are my maps to help me find my way.