Sunday, May 1, 2011


more rough color flats. alot can still change, ideas and comments and suggestions are welcome.


  1. hey man this it lookin good. i'll have to think about this one, its pretty complex. first thing that jumped out at me was the sky color. because of the way that you rendered the buildings all in silhouette, i thought that it was going to be at dusk. maybe try throwing in a red tone in the sky just to see what happens.

    i really like the way that you colored the eavesdropper cover, separating the planes with solid tone. this is just a random idea, but what if you used a monochromatic palette for all the background characters and midplane, and just had your four main characters isolated with the current bold color scheme. again this is just a random thought. i'm likin where this is headed.

  2. yeah, the sky is definitely up in the air (no pun intended). we goofed around with the monochromatic background yesterday and found it to be really dull.. this book is going to be in black and white so i thought i may as well go the extra mile and color in the bg people. not an easy decision. don't want it to be a cluster@#$% with a million colors so it's getting really complex to make sure nothing is awkwardly standing out.