Thursday, April 28, 2011


i've run into a crazy glitch in photoshop tonite, it's driving me absolutely crazy. if anyone looking at this knows anything about digitally coloring in photoshop and knows about the cmyk and black copy channels, i need your help. quickly.

EDIT: almost 3 hours wasted tonite trying to figure this out. finally got it. no drawing tonite but i'll throw up an old one for shits and giggles.



  1. nice hands, dude.

    hey, if you keep having trouble with p-shop, shoot me an email... maybe i can help out (maybe)

    bustermoody (at)

  2. thanks man. i haven't had any problems until last night.. the settings in the color channels somehow got messed up. i have no clue how it got goofed up. but yeah if i have any ps questions, i'll almost surely hit you up.