Monday, April 25, 2011


taking the night off!

EDIT: goofed around for the first time with a Speedball A-5 pen tip. i was intending to use it for lettering purposes but quickly became shocked with it's range of line quality. i'm kinda geekin' out right now. every line here was made with the A-5. i dipped for ink probably 3 or 4 times. it was amazing. probably the funnest 2 minutes of drawing in years.


  1. this looks amazing. i want to see you mess around with this technique some more. the line quality has so much energy. YES!!!!!!!

  2. jeremy, i'm telling you, it had the same feel as a ballpoint pen.. it was that smooth. crow quill pen tips are very touchy and fragile, you need to use em the way they were designed or they will catch on the paper or tear the paper or whatever... this thing just glided across the page and did whatever i told it to without a problem, laying down a perfect permanent ink line as oppossed to a ballpoint line which might change color over time or a rapidograph which fades when you erase over it. this is going to be my "in the field" sketching tool in the future. totally spontanious, but completely in control

    again, sorry i'm geekin' out so bad guys.

  3. This guy looks like he got screwed up at a McDonalds... I never had any luck with pens- I could never get the fine detail I wanted. This is impressive.