Tuesday, March 8, 2011


day 6. the final piece. kind of a stretch calling it a day's work, but it exposed a lot of rookie photoshop errors that i learned from and, frankly, i'm taking the rest of the day off cuz i think this turned out pretty hot.

*recommended soundtrack - Failure's "Another Space Song"


  1. That would make a great framed poster for my kids wall. Is that possible?

  2. yeah, that should be possible. it's an 11 x 17 image, if you want it bigger, i'll need to make sure it looks fine blown up a bit. i'm sure it will. i know a guy that can print just about anything and the quality is extremely top notch. email me at rubbercrutchcomicks@hotmail.com

  3. -i'm really diggin this man - widescreen all the way
    -it definitely furthers the concept that your going for
    -if you do print some t-shrits up or posters, let me know