Monday, March 7, 2011


day 5. final colors (?). might change my mind and tweak things, but probably not. i was going to put a splash of color on it somewhere on the uniform, but found it unnecessarily distracting. might work on a background next. we'll see. this will probably be a final t-shirt design tho.


  1. This is looking great. I am not sure if Leonov's suit at the time was white or orange...

  2. leonov's suit was white and orange, but i found the orange distracting for this image. it's not really him anyways, since this guy is obviously completely screwed and floating away into obvlivion

  3. -the shading gives it so much life
    -i really like the muted palette
    -it looks great on solid black, background not necessary

  4. i will, at the very least, make the background more of a widescreen... give it a nice Kubrick-ian feel. the astronauts' isolation is not felt nearly enough here.