Tuesday, March 29, 2011


rough color flats. i am up for any advice or opinions you may have. i'm not saying i'm necessarily going to take it, but i'll listen intently. none of this is set in stone at the moment. the underlighting is unfinished, just a test.

i've been working on this a bit, made a few changes.


  1. My only suggestions would be to use the underlighting as an opportunity to highlight some of the scar/stitching and emphasize the golem aspect. Second to use a more electrical blue/white or green/white combo. The yellow looks pretty flat. Otherwise, great piece.

  2. ^thanks for the input. i really appreciate it. i think i'm closer to what you were recommending with the new version

  3. Instead of the typical red eyes, I would recommend green. There's something nice and rotten about green.